I consider this to be a big milestone for me to have reached my 100th post and 10,000 hits. I started blogging way back in 2008 but my blogs were meekly fed. My twin daughters were born in 2008 and all my free time was dedicated to them. Hence, blogging took a back seat. Last year when Ria, Divya and Maria announced ‘A Sweet Punch’, I sent in my nomination unaware that it would be a turning point for me in terms of blogging. I got to know so many wonderful people, learnt about wide variety of cuisines, cooked dishes that I hadn’t heard names of in my wildest dreams, I jumped with joy whenever my readers left comments. I daily watch my Blog Stats page and feel so elated to see the count increase.
I recently received some awards from fellow bloggers:

This is from Rachu of Amma & Baby:

This award galore from Sonali of Only Fish Recipes:
The pleasure that it gave me is beyond words. I did not post about the awards so far as I wanted to do it as part of this celebration. No food post today but 7 facts about me as per the award rules:
  1. Although I am a Konkani married to a Bengali, if you ask me which cuisine I like more? I would be lying if I chose one. Both are close to my heart, errr tongue.
  2. I wanna marry once again… but to my husband. Might sound crazy but it’s my dream… But it will be a Christian style wedding with me in a white gown and my two fairies as bride’s maid.
  3. People might eat to live but “I love to eat and live to eat”.
  4. I am not at all a religious person. I believe that if I do my work with honesty and dedication, not wish or do evil to others, God will always be by my side.
  5. I hate the melodramatic daily soaps. I love to watch serials like Friends, Full House, Small Wonder, Popeye, Noddy, Chota Bhim, Roadies!
  6. My hobbies include crochet, painting, mehndi, soft toy making, cooking, photography, reading, adventure etc
  7. I dream to open a food outlet of my own someday….
I need to pass on these awards to 15 other bloggers. Now this is going to be very difficult to restrict the number to just 15. Yet here goes the list to the special ones who have influenced me in their own way
  1. Nithya of 4th Sense Cooking – For her creativity!
  2. Suma of Cakes and More – For her undying passion for baking
  3. Reva of Kaarasaaram – For her galore of recipes and breathtaking photography skills
  4. Sushma of Authentic Food Delights – for coming up with so many recipes of her own origin
  5. Nids of Wizard of Thought – for her inspirational writing
  6. Srivalli of Spice Your Life (needs no intro) – for her dedication and contribution to blogosphere
  7. Priya of Priya’s Easy and Tasty Recipes – for being an inspiration to all bloggers
  8. Ushnish da of http://ushnish.blogspot.com/Cooking and Recipes – for his passion for food and a wonderful recipe collection
  9. Geeta Baliga of Geeta Baliga’s recipes – For your contribution to my blog and as a good luck to your own blog
  10. Chaitrali of I-am-not-a-Chef – For giving us easy access to restaurant style recipes
  11. Mallika of Veg Bowl – for all those lipsmacking Veg recipes specially Eggless bakes!
  12. Pree of PreeOccupied – for the way she writes, her paintings, pottery and trusted recipes
  13. Savitha of Savitha’s Kitchen – for her active participation in marathons and other events in the blogging world and also for her other blog dedicated to her son
  14. & 15. would go to none other than Ria of Ria’s Collection and Divya of Easy Cooking for starting ‘Sweet Punch’. I trust that whatever baking I do today, I owe it to the two of you. Keep rocking gals!
Thank you all you dear people who stop by my blog, care to leave comments, even to those of you whose visits I can sense only  in the blog Stats. I am enjoying blogging wih all your support and hope to do better with passing days.