Methi Chapathi – Indian bread with fenugreek leaves

Ma made this as she saw this in one of the cookery shows. She forgot the name of this dish. She claimed that this dish belongs to Orissa. So I asked many of my Oriya friends describing the dish with ingredients to find out what it is called. But they weren’t able to name it….

Oats Puri

Remember my rant about using (sneaking in) oats in our day-to-day food here? I have found another way of using up oats. Yes it’s our very own Puri or Chapathi dough which gets kneaded every other day in Indian households Just add a fistful of oats while you are kneading the dough. It will not…

Methi Alu Parantha

Paranthas make for a filling and comforting meals. With a bowl of Curd and some pickle along their side, paranthas are very much relished by Abbas and I. My initial attempts at making them were super duper failures. As I would have the stuffing ooze out from all poosible nooks and corners of my paranthas….

Palak Puri – Go Green

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children” – How many of us get influenced by such inspiring quotes? Even if we are impressed, how many of us put extra efforts to reduce individual carbon foot prints? I remember when I told everybody at home about the Earth…

Tiranga Paratha

I know Independence Day was on 15th August, and I drafted this post on 16th morning. Monday to Friday, I’m literally dancing to the tune ‘Ajab Daud Hai, Gajab Daud Hai, Ye Jeena Yaaro Daud Hai’. Abbas was working during EST hours that week and I had given him the responsibility of attaching the food…