When I learnt to pronounce this, I challenged my kids to say it! It was a tough tongue twister for them… But a tongue and soul soother with its caramalized taste. Amma used to make chocolates at home using milkmaid. And hence I used to always attack the refrigerator and have a few spoonfuls each time… Blogosphere introduced me to dulche de leche and all the rave reviews written about it made me wanna try making it at home. It was like magic turned the condensed milk into this caramelized goodness. I simply couldn’t wait till the tin cooled and I could catch a glimpse and taste it.

I followed methods from here and here:

I used Amul Mithai Mate.

Remove the plastic lid and place the tin in a pressure cooker. Pour water and let the tin be immersed in water. Water should be about 2 inches above the tin.

Close the lid, cook on high flame and wait for steam to come out. Put the whistle on. After the first whistle, simmer and let it cook for 30-40 mins. Remove from flame. Let it come to room temperature and dig in to indulge in sheer bliss.

Watch this space for more on what I made with Dulche De Leche!!!